Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Time, and the Living is ....

Summer time and the living is not exactly easy but it does take on a totally different tempo than other times of the year.  Lots of porch time and pool time and even garden time. (OK my garden is really a multitude of pots and planters since the pool takes up most of the yard but it grows and i enjoy the flowers and veggies that I get.)

Since the early part of summer Logan has become a little fish. He went from hating to be splashed or putting his face in the water to spending hours jumping in, 'diving' down and swimming across the pool. Liam loves the water too. He's really content in his baby boat splashing and kicking.

Found a little crafty time last week. Nothing fancy.

Cards for some Snail Mail.

Car decals to celebrate Spirit of Atlanta's 2016 season.

                                                                                              And a SOA cup for my sweet sister

                                And finally a birthday present for my Disney- crazy friend!

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