Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where did it go?

Wow! Where did summer go? It has been such blur! Katie is in her second week of math class at CCAC and John is back to school at Pathfinder! Kayla and Tommy don't start till Monday but she has her backpack and 'chef uniform' ready to go.

Jeanie is trying to get me out of my funk by making me do PTO work too. Who has time for that. I should be scrapping or napping! (or cleaning, paying bills, etc.. but even PTO work is more fun than that!)

I have been doing a few pages for some challenges. Check out MY prom layouts.

Weren't we a hoot!!

Here are some layouts from John's prom this year. Do you think he takes after me?? Actually I think he takes after his Aunt Bon or my friend Marian - he is always ready to have fun!

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