Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tom's 60th Birthday Party

We had a fun time at Tom's surprise party on Thursday night. He had no idea! I don't get out with Tom all that often because of Kayla and John so getting to see so many family members was fun! I'm one of those lucky people who really LIKES her husband's family. Makes me sort of boring at girls night out during the in-law bashing parts but I guess I make up for it with outrageous tales of childrenss exploits'

It was wonderful to be able to get mom out. She had such a good time watching all the fun at the Hofbrauhaus. Lots of music and people. My mom is one of those people that finds fun in everything. God bless her. On the other hand Bonnie puts the fun in everything so it was a win win situation.

Mike and Jen were there too. My (step)son grew up to be a nice man and he married a girl we all like. Wish they lived a little closer - like in walking distance.

My Wonderful Family (minus Beth, John, Kayla, Jordan & Aiden)

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